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Recharge at BAD RAGZ Switzerland

3-4 Day Spa Packages

The Premium package can be started from Monday to Thursday and lasts 5 days / 4 nights. You must arrive on the preceding day.



The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is centered around a bathing and spa tradition spanning hundreds of years. This has evolved into a unique combination of our own thermal spring, holistic medical expertise and everything a five-star luxury resort has to offer.



  • Aroma Mind massage

  • 3 yoga sessions

  • Inner Balance chakra massage 

  • Inner Balance chakra massage:

  • Using pure chakra oils, special techniques and gemstones, your seven energy centers are stimulated.

  • Tbetan singing-bowl massage

  • Ear candling treatment 

  • Ear candling treatment:

  • A candle made from honey, beeswax and herbs is used to gently massage your eardrum.

Kundalini Yoga Lotus

Look FoRward to...

  • Emotional and mental balance

  • Passive and active recovery for body, mind and soul

  • Stress relief, energy for new tasks

  • Time to let go, breathe deeply and relax